Wonderful Christmas Time


Christmas was just wonderful. It was relaxed and calm and a whole bunch of fun. Me and the boy woke up on Christmas morning in our own home for the first year and we got to spend the whole morning cooking, opening gifts, listening to Christmas songs and generally enjoying the quiet time together at the start of the day. Once dinner was over we then went to visit our families for the afternoon and evening, ending at my mum and dad’s house with my sisters, their partners, my nephew and my parents playing games and enjoying each other’s company. We ate lots, laughed lots and got to take time out away from everything to enjoy the day. These days are just the best, and I look forward to them every year. Getting to be with my family is just my favourite and it’s the one time of the year when nothing else matters but all of us getting together and having some fun. If only it didn’t have to be over so soon.

Boxing Day 1

Boxing Day 2

Boxing Day 3

Boxing Day 4

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