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Wishful Thinking Wednesday: Money Talks


Money Talks

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What would I do if I suddenly came into a bunch of money? Okay, so this is the most unlikely thing to happen to me (I rarely play the lottery, I don’t have any rich relatives and I don’t ever win anything), but it’s something I think about…a lot. If I woke up tomorrow and my bank account suddenly showed me a total with a ton of zeros (or even just a few really, my dreams aren’t quite THAT big) I would first quit my job. I know lots of people would say this, but it would be the thing I would do, literally as soon as I found out I had money! If you’ve been here before and read about me, then you know I don’t like my job and it’s the one thing in my life that I would say that I am unhappy about. So, once I knew my job was done with I would get down to the important stuff. I would give money out to my family, they’re the most important people and they deserve any happiness that came with being a little more financially secure. They could have enough to pay for weddings and holidays and houses, the things that make life special. I would then take my own trip, just before I went full speed ahead into my own business plans. I think I would take that trip across America I’ve always wanted to take. I wouldn’t stay in the fanciest hotels or take first class plane journeys, I would take whoever wanted to come and I would undertake a huge roadtrip, one filled with periods of driving, mixed in with seeing the best that the USA has to offer. This is a big dream of mine, but is one I don’t think I’ll achieve soon, which is why it doesn’t feature in my 30 by 30. A trip like that would be my one big extravagance if I came into money, I wouldn’t suddenly have a brand new designer wardrobe or go for super expensive meals all the time. My energy, time and creativity, if I had the kind of freedom that went with money and not needing to work to pay the bills, would be put into starting up my own business. I am not lazy, I wouldn’t spend my time lunching and shopping – I would buy craft supplies, baking ingredients and invest money into my blog so that I could bring what I love to others. I would craft, bake and blog, making things I would put my heart and soul into and hopefully making other people happy. My big goal would be to open a shop in a busy village selling cupcakes and homemade gifts. It would be a coffee shop where people could meet with their loved ones and spend time eating sweet treats, buying inexpensive, handmade gifts and enjoying time spent together. This is what I’d do if I was lucky enough to have some money. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll save enough money to make these dreams come true. Fingers crossed.

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