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Wishes and Hopes for 2012



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Every year people make resolutions; things they want to do or achieve before the year’s end. It is supposed to help in giving you focus to get things done, to set goals for yourself when it can be difficult to make changes in your life. I already have big plans for 2012, so I hope it will be a very happy one for me and those closest to me. And I hope the same is true for all of you. Some of my hopes for 2012 include:

New job. I will be beginning January by starting a new chapter in my career, having finished my last job in the health service just before the holiday period. I hope this will be the start of goof things for me in terms of my working life and I hope it will make for an exciting change.

Seeing my sister get married on a beach in Kefalonia. This will be a massive one for our family. Laura will be the first of the daughters in our family to get married, and the event at the beginning of June will be combined with a big family vacation as we all descend on the Greek island, sharing villas and spending two weeks in the sunshine in the company of those closest to us.

New home. I hope to be able to move home this year, taking the big step of buying a house with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years. We’ve been saving for a while and will continue to do so through the first half of 2012, hoping to find somewhere after the summer. My aim is to be able to move in before Christmas, so I hope we can get there without too many problems.

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