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White Interiors


I was always a little scared of white interiors – they reminded me of doctor’s offices and hospitals¬†– but I’ve more recently been warming up to the look, especially considering how wonderfully it can be achieved. It’s a look that, if pulled off correctly, can be stylish and bold. And the traditional idea that it looks cold can be remedied with fabrics, namely throws and cushions, to bring some comfort into proceedings. So, take a little look at my white interior inspiration board below, courtesy of pinterest users, and maybe let it influence some of your interior decorating endeavours. I still favour a bright pop of colour in the home, that’s certainly the way I’m going in my new house, but it’s great to see a stylish alternative, and what fun would it be if all interiors looked the same?

White Interior 1

White Interior 2

White Interior 3

White Interior 4

White Interior 5

White Interior 6

White Interior 7

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