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What’s in My Bag?


What's in My Bag

I’ve always thought that these posts are just a bit of fun, to get to know the person behind the blog, so I thought I’d give it a go myself. Now, be prepared from some pretty mundane things going on my bag, nothing exciting goes on in there, but these are those bits and pieces that I deem to be those essentials that I can’t leave the house without. Obviously, I’ve not included things like keys and money, as they’re pretty standard, but here’s a little explanation into why I carry some of these other items around with me.

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Blotting papers – I’m prone to a shiny t-zone when I’ve been out and wearing make-up all day and I use these little pieces of paper to powder my nose and forehead when I don’t have access to much make-up. They are perfect for a quick touch up and I wouldn’t be without them.

iPod – I connect this to the sound system in my car, or listen while I’m at the gym or on a long train journey, so I like to keep it close at hand. It’s surprising how listening to your favourite tunes makes the time past, so I definitely welcome it on the daily commute.

Comb – Being out of the house for most of the day, I’m open to the elements and like to have a comb close by for when the wind or other conditions have gotten to my hair and leaves it in less than perfect condition.

Mints – I always grab a mint before a meeting, or if I haven’t eaten for a while, so I like to keep a stocked packet in my bag.

Hand sanitizer – I just feel a bit better having anti-bacterial gel on hand, in case the facilities on offer aren’t up to scratch or if I just want to freshen up my hands before eating.  I use it regularly and imagine it’ll be a staple in my bag for a long while.

Phone – This might be a no-brainer, but a phone is not just a way to stay connected to those important people. I use it most for the apps – weather, travel, restaurant reviews, etc. and couldn’t be without it. Yes, we probably do rely too much on technology these days, but I won’t be giving it up anytime soon.

Make-up bag and products – I carry very little around with me in terms of beauty products, just keeping a foundation stick, some lip balm and a small mirror at hand, but these are vital for me and make me feel so much better knowing they’re there when I need them.

Pen & planner – My planner is a bit battered now, as I use it so much, but it’s been vital these past couple of months when I’ve been crazy busy and want to ensure I know everything that’s going on. I also use it as a notebook, jotting things down when I need to, so I’d pretty lost without these two.

Hand cream – I’m prone to dry hands, so like to keep some hand cream on me, in case of them feeling chapped and sensitive. I’ve suffered quite a lot with this this winter, so am really grateful to this little tube of moisturiser.

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