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Things to do with: Washi Tape


I’ve recently grown fond of the washi tape trend that’s taken the world by storm. It’s been a pretty recent addition to UK crafts, and the time couldn’t have come quickly enough in my book, as it’s such a great way to add some versatile colour to such a wide range of things. As well as adding an extra dimension to wrapping gifts, you can also use it to decorate home items, even cover walls if you get rolls big enough! Here are just a small selection of ideas as to what you might want to do with washi tape.

Washi Tape 1

Washi Tape 2

Washi Tape 3

Washi Tape 4

Washi Tape 5

Washi Tape 6

Washi Tape 7

Washi Tape 8

Washi Tape 9

Washi Tape 10

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