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Weekend Packing


Weekend Packing

I’m in the middle of packing for our wedding weekend (eek!) and am trying to go over in my head all the things I’ll need whilst I’m gone. I thought this would make a great opportunity to do a post on weekend packing, as I feel like I’m doing it so often (we quite often stay at my parents’ house on a weekend), especially when it’s for something particularly important like this one.

Weekend Packing 2

These are the kinds of things I usually pack for a Summer weekend away (3 days/2 nights). This amount of clothes gives you enough for 3 day outfits and 3 evening outfits, in case something gets marked or you change your mind.


  • 3 dresses (1 smart, 2 casual)
  • 2 pairs of trousers (1 smart, 1 casual)
  • 1 skirt (smart)
  • 3 shirts (2 smart, 1 casual)
  • Pyjamas


  • 2 pairs of neutral coloured shoes (1 flat, 1 heel)
  • 1 neutral coloured bag
  • Jewellery


  • Cleanser, toner & moisturiser
  • Cotton wool
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Make-up
  • Hair grips & bands
  • Perfume

Weekend Packing 3

And a few extra tips on what I’ve found to be useful:

  • Borrow

Cut down on what you pack by trying to borrow things that other people might bring. This will obviously only work in a group scenario, but I have been known to borrow so many hair products and shoes whilst I’m away with my sisters and it means packing lighter as a group. Some things you can cut back on as long as one or two are packed: toothpaste, hair products (dry shampoo, hairspray, etc.), chargers). Don’t forget, if something small is forgotten, you are likely able to pick it up at a shop anyway.

  • Re-use accessories

Don’t overpack the types of things that can be re-used. I rarely pack more than two pairs of shoes (one flat, one heel) and one bag and I just ensure that they’re neutral enough to go with the outfits I’ve included.

  • Don’t overpack for weather changes

No, you can’t always predict the weather, but there’s also no need to pack a ton of different outfits, all for different weather scenarios. The key to this is layers and small essentials – a light rain jacket or small, portable umbrella is enough to tackle rain and a long-sleeved shirt or thicker cardigan is plenty for a chilly evening. It’s easy to panic if there’s something unexpected forecast, but it’s just about thinking ahead and being sensible.

  • Plan ahead

Don’t pack the night before your trip, throwing everything you like into your bag or case at the last minute. You will probably end up with plenty of nice outfit choices, but you won’t be able to wear it all and you’ve probably packed more of one thing than another, so you’ve probably wasted space. It may not be quite as fun to plan each outfit ahead of time, but it’ll save you time and space later on, so it’s worth doing. By all means, take a change of clothes in case of emergencies, but don’t overpack for the sake of it, your luggage carrying arms won’t thank you for it!

  • Downsize where you can

Do you really need to take every make-up item in your vast collection? Probably not. As long as you have enough for a daytime look and a nighttime look, then you’re good to go. I have two different bags for my make-up, one contains pretty much everything and the other is the one I use for occasions such as this. This kind of stuff takes up a surprising amount of space, so anywhere you can cut back is ideal.

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