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Screencaps from Foster Filming.

I’ve been researching so many aspects of weddings for so many months now, that it’s easy to see where all the costs add up and where it’s sensible to save when possible. That’s why I designed our save-the-dates and got them printed cheaply on VistaPrint, why we don’t plan on having floral centerpieces and why I plan on DIY-ing a whole lot of decorations. It’s these little things that can save a ton of money. Our photographer, however, is not cheap and it can be unnerving to think about the amount we’re spending on just that one aspect of our big day. But this was something I was never going to budge on, I am more than willing to put that money forward knowing that we are going to have the most gorgeous images of our special day that will last us a lifetime. There is no price for the way that a good photographer can capture the emotion and happiness of the occasion and I know we’ll be overjoyed when we have those images in front of us. That’s why I was so excited when we booked Albert Palmer. We’ll have a chance to meet up with him this summer when we have our engagement photos taken, and then the big day will be here and he will be there to capture it all.

We were less sure when it came to whether or not to hire a videographer, as although I would have booked one as part of our first wedding tasks, my boy was a little less sold. It is a decent amount of money to part with and we will already have photographs of our day, so why would we need any more? But I have long been a fan of those little music-accompanied 6 minute highlight clips, which can magically bring out all the emotion and love that completely fills the best kinds of wedding days. And how many times do you hear couples talk about how everything went by in a blur? I would love to be able to look back at an hour long video, picking out my favourite bits or noticing things I’d missed the first time around. And more and more, I’m reading couples saying that this is the one thing they were happiest to have spent the cash on, as it was worth every penny. So, we’ve decided to go for it, find the best possible videographer and book them up for next June! The company we’ve gone for is Foster Filming, who is a the one-man show of Ben Foster, based in Cornwall. I am completely in love with what he does, and can’t wait to see the kind of footage he captures on our day. I can’t encourage you enough to go take a look at what he does here, I’ve spent many hours already watching and re-watching the highlight films on his website.

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