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Wedding Venue Inspiration: Country Barns


Even way before we got engaged, I was always drawn to weddings in barns – the idea of having a blank, rustic canvas to work with sounded magical and romantic, and I’d seen so many gorgeous pictures of people who had done such a great job making the spaces pretty and personal. So, over the past few weeks when wedding planning has finally started to happen I’ve been looking around at exactly those kinds of country barns that I’ve always been in love with. We think we’ll be booking a venue pretty soon; even though we don’t plan on getting married for another 18 months, it seems like the places we are enquiring about are already filling up pretty quick, so we want to make sure we get the location and date exactly. Of course, when we go visit the venue we eventually choose, I’ll let you guys see, but until then, here are some stunning pictures of the kind of things that make my heart flutter.

Wedding Venues: Barns 1

Wedding Venues: Barns 3

Wedding Venues: Barns 2

Wedding Venues: Barns 4

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