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January Wedding To-Do List

As soon as 2015 hit, I knew it would be full steam ahead with wedding stuff – it feels so close now – so I thought that in order for me to feel more confident in getting things done I’d write a to-do list of wedding related activities which I hope to tick off as the month goes on. My last update was August (see here) and we’ve ticked off a bunch of stuff since then, so I’ll come back in February to see whether we’ve achieved everything set out here!

1. Invitations

We want to get the invitations out this month so that people have enough time to book accommodation around our venue with plenty of time to spare. The village near our venue is pretty small and is totally picturesque, so places book up fast and I don’t want anyone to be left disappointed at not getting their first choice of place of stay. Plus, with June being a busy month for weddings, I think it’s best to be prepared and get everything sent out as early as possible.

2. Gifts

I’ve still got some gifts left to buy for the wedding party, so I want to get them bought and sorted sooner rather than later, especially as some will be more difficult to get hold of more than others and some require some DIY! I’ve bought some gorgeous boxes to gift the presents in, so I’m really looking forward to getting them filled with lots of lovely goodies. I’ll likely post about these gift boxes once the wedding is done, so you can look forward to a little gift idea soon enough.

3. Boys’ clothes

My wedding dress is currently hanging in a wardrobe in my parents’ house and so, minus some light alterations, my outfit is all sorted. It’s time for the boys to get kitted out and we’re hoping to get that at least close to being ticked off the list by the end of this month. There are a few colour combinations being discussed at the moment, so I think the boy is looking forward to getting to the hire shop, trying some pieces on and making a decision on his outfit for the big day.

4. Book an engagement shoot

When this will take place hasn’t been decided yet, but we’re hoping to get something booked in over the next few weeks – we’ll likely settle for a time in Spring, when we’re more likely to see some sunshine. It’ll be great to get to meet our photographer and get comfortable in front of the camera before our day rolls around, as well as go through what shots we’ll want when it comes to June, and it’s something I’m really looking forward to getting done.

5. Finalise decorations

We’ve bought a ton of stuff to decorate the venue – candles, giant balloons, festoon lighting – but I’ll feel a lot better when I know I’m done with this task and we have enough. I have a cake topper to buy, along with sequin table linen, and a few other bits and pieces, so I’m hoping now that Christmas is over I can finally get to making those purchases I’ve been putting off for a couple of months. Most of what we’re buying is re-usable, so I know that at least we can recycle a bunch of stuff after the big day is over, rather than it being a large expense for just that one day.

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