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It can always be difficult to think of original ideas for entertaining guests at your wedding between the ceremony and sitting down for your meal and speeches but there are plenty of choices out there

1. A band/musician

For some people the drinks reception is a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family they haven’t seen for some time, so for them this time is nicely filled with some background music from a band or musician while they relax with their welcome drink. You might choose to have a singer or even a string quartet, depending on your venue and budget, but it can be a lovely addition to your day. If you want a musician for your ceremony, to play when you’re walking down the aisle, for example, many will play during this time and then stay for an extra hour or two following this, so it’s worth considering both these aspects of your day to find something in-keeping with both.

2. Lawn games

If you’re lucky enough to have a wedding day free from rain, it can be nice to make the most of any outdoor space you may have at your venue by setting up some lawn games for people to play. You could keep it traditional with a game of crochet or maybe go more modern with giant versions of Jenga or Connect 4. There are lots of companies that allow you to hire these sorts of things, or the venue may even have their own that they can allow you to use. These will proof popular with kids and adults alike, and be a great ice-breaker for guests who may not already know each other.

3. Magician

If you want to inject a bit of fun into your day and are looking for something that will be a great talking point amongst your guests why not consider a magician as your entertainment. Not only will they amaze everyone with their tricks, they are also well known for making your guests laugh and generally being a good source of entertainment. They will usually not only be there during the drinks reception, but also spend some time going around the tables when your guests are sat down for their meal waiting between courses.

4. Photobooth

Photobooths can come in many different varieties, in many shapes and sizes, so if you decide you want to incorporate one into your day, the first step is decide what type you want and how much you want to spend as it can vary hugely. The cheapest option is to set one up yourself with a backdrop, some props, a camera and a tripod. The other option is hire one from a company, and even though this is a much more expensive option, this will usually come with prints for your guests and a guestbook for you that every print will go into. Both options work great, it just depends what works best for you.

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