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Wanderlust: January 2015

There are so many places I want to visit – I know I’ll never get to them all – so I suppose the most sensible option is to have a list of those places that I’d love to go most and work from there as I get through them. Once we start a family in the next few years I’m not sure how likely it is we’ll get to any of them at all, but I’d like to think that travel is in our future, once 2015 and the expense of a wedding and honeymoon has come and gone. I want to visit these places for lots of different reasons – some for the sight-seeing, some for the atmosphere, some for wandering the streets aimlessly, so we’ll see how I get on, shall we?


I have actually been to Paris before, but it was just a couple of days to visit Disneyland with my sister back in 2008, so it wasn’t a ‘proper’ visit, as such. I want to wander the streets, stop in sidewalk cafes and watch the world go by, as well as visit the Eiffel Tower and a few of the other tourist things that locals may not enjoy, but I would love.

New York

Ideally, I would like to visit New York at Christmas time – I know there are probably a ton of other times which are just as enjoyable, but there is just something about this place that seems suited to the festive season. I would visit every tourist attraction as possible if I visited here, just because they’re all so famous and I feel like need to be seen to be believed, but I’d also like to seek out some hidden gems, just to experience things more like a local too.


I’m not going to lie, it’s the music that has compelled me to want to visit Nashville – so much history and so much of what I enjoy seems to come from this place – and it seems like an awesome place to be. I’d look for the best bars, the best music and the best food if I visited here and I’m sure I’d have a great time. My boy and I both want to visit this part of the world, so it’s definitely near the top.


This is one UK city that I really want to visit but haven’t got to yet. My boy has been and really enjoyed his time there, and I’ve almost been there on a couple of occasions in the past, but haven’t quite got there in the end. The culture, history and architecture would definitely draw me there and entice me to explore as much as possible. Maybe my boy and I will make it up there for a weekend soon – it would be my choice anyway.


I’ve been to Italy before, but never visited this famous city. Again, this would be a tourist attraction dream, visiting all those magnificent buildings and finding out about all the deep history of the place, so it would be very near the top of those cities that I really want to visit in my lifetime. In fact, there are lots of places I’d like to see in Italy, but this would have to be my first choice.

Photo Credit: Lonely Planet

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