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Vacation 2013 Catch-Up


Now that it’s vacation time again, I thought it would be nice to relive some of last year’s memories by posting a few of the photos I took back then. Luckily, we’re going back to the same place this year, so we get to visit this same beautiful country, and I’m super excited about it. Of course, I’ll post any photos I take again this year to share with you, but how could I possibly keep these gorgeous scenes to myself today while looking back through these shots?

Kefalonia 2013 1

Kefalonia 2013 2

Kefalonia 2013 3

Kefalonia 2013 4

Kefalonia 2013 5

Kefalonia 2013 6

Kefalonia 2013 7

Kefalonia 2013 8

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