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Tips for Vacation Photos


Today, Lucy shares with us her top tips for taking the best vacation photos you can:

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Mix different mediums

I like to vary taking photos on my DSLR and my smartphone to change up the kinds of images I capture. With advances in phone cameras, you can now get amazing quality images from both, but there’s something a little more crisp and satisfying about seeing holiday scenes taken on my digital camera. And don’t forget about instant cameras or photo booths you might come across too, all make for great photos that you’ll treasure in such different ways and will remind you of the amazing time you had. Hana even took a waterproof camera on holiday one year and they made for some great shots. And you can then use all these different images in different ways when it comes to displaying them, which is another fun project once you’ve come home from that dream location.

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It’s all in the details

Some of my favourite holiday photos are those of food and drink, the books I was reading or the sunglasses I was wearing. All of these things remind you of that special time away and it’s easy to forget to capture them amongst the selfies or the landscape shots. My husband and I will often talk about the amazing meals we’ve had or the cocktails we loved and having images of those things helps keep those memories alive. I’m not saying you need to take photos of everything, you want to step back and enjoy the moment too, but I don’t mind seeing an Instagram shot of a Greek specialty or even those cute flip flops you wore to the beach that one day.

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Mix people and places

Mix up the types of images you take, to make for a fun and interesting album of your trip. You may spend one day enjoying all the local sites and want to take a bunch of scenery shots, but don’t forget to add yourself to a few of your shots too, so they don’t look exactly like everyone else’s. You may not be entirely comfortable in front of the camera, but it’s so fun to look back at smiling vacation photos to remember just how happy you were on that time away and it adds more interest to the images if you vary the subject a little bit. And don’t forget to ask a kind stranger to take group photos too, so you can have couple or family photos together, and one person isn’t always missing behind the camera.

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Various times of day

Take advantage of the different times of day to vary the types of photo you get. A beautiful sunset over the sea can make for a stunning image, but it’s also fun to get the sunny, midday beach shot when everything is bright, colourful and sparkling with sunshine. It also means you don’t have to have your camera out all the time, as you can spend one day capturing daytime shots and on other days bring your camera out at night. It’s funny how much a place’s personality and atmosphere can change in different lighting situations, so give all times of day a go – you never know what the result might be.

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Capture the heart of the place

You want to be able to recognise your vacation location when you’re looking back at your photos, so make sure to capture as much of the essence of a place as you can. Locals chatting in a town square, flowers you’ve never seen growing naturally before, a traditional, freshly cooked dinner – all these things will help you to see the beauty of your chosen destination and why you ultimately chose to go there in the first place. Yes, it’s lovely to see photos of the hotel you stayed at or a selfie with some cocktails, but I also love images of the white hillside buildings of Santorini, which sums up its charm or the cafes of Paris, which everyone loves so much.  Think about all the reasons you adore somewhere and chances are other people like it for all the same reasons.

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