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This isn’t really a new feature, in so much as I don’t know how often I’ll write posts like this, but the idea came to me yesterday, when I was on the Pottery Barn website, and thought it sounded like something that might be fun. I mean, telling you guys three random things I’ve spotted which I would like to buy, but inevitably can’t afford to, might not actually be something interesting for the blog, but maybe it’ll just inspire one person to go out and buy something and I’d be okay with that. So, basically, here are my picks for this week, the things that have caught my eye and I would just love to buy. Sometimes, even if you can’t buy something, for whatever reason, it’s fun to harmlessly window shop and think that maybe soon you can save up a bit of extra cash to spoil yourself with something new!

Things I Want: 08.07.2012

Swing Dress in Floral PrintMason Jar Mug, Set of 6Tuile Necklace

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