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Things I Fancy: Homeware Edition


It’s that time of week when work is slowing time and I spend a ton of time looking at things I want on the net. It just happens to be that right now those things happen to be all kinds of homeware. We try not to spend too much on home stuff, with the wedding coming up and us now having most of what we need, but I can always keep looking. We really need a shed for the garden and a bed for the spare room, but those things have to wait until we have more money, so while we wait for them, I find enjoyment window shopping online. These are the things catching my eye this week.

Things I Fancy: Homewares

1. Round Wood Stripe Tray | 2. Large Quilted Cushion | 3. Wooden Vintage Cafe Sign | 4. Stripes and Flowers Napkin | 5. Flamingo & Pineapple Juice Glasses | 6. Basket, set of 3 | 7. Illume Boulangerie Jar | 8. Glass vase | 9. Nouveau Collection Set of Three Frames.

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