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Theme Park

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It’s our best friend’s birthday today. She’s 24 years old. And when we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her answer was simple. She wanted to go to a theme park. That suited myself and Hana perfectly, as we too LOVE theme parks. Having visited Orlando twice since we were 8-years-old, as well as Disneyland Paris in 2008, and several more theme parks in the UK over the years, we have grown to love the adrenaline associated with rollercoasters, log flumes and pirate ships. Obviously US theme parks are preferrable thanks to their wonderful atmosphere and huge thrill rides, but we couldn’t afford to take a trip over there and the UK are not too shabby in their offerings. They’ve gotten much better in the last few years, and have some of the most enjoyable attractions in Europe, and often for a much smaller fee than the US counterparts, so we’re happy to visit any one offered around these parts. In fact, we have made the decision to visit Alton Towers within the next month, with attractions such as Air, which is a coaster on which you ride lying face down so that you appear to ‘flying’ and TH13TEEN, the world’s first vertical freefall drop roller coaster (the track and train freefall approximately five metres in darkness). So. Much. Fun. I’m super excited and genuinely believe that we should all take time out to have some fun every once in a while by spending the day in a theme park (provided you are fit and healthy of course!) Do it, you know you want to.

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