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The Perks of Wedding Planning


I have to say, I’m really getting used to this wedding planning business. This week we were lucky enough to arrive home from work to some cake samples to try, and we really got stuck into them! I feel like we’ve really got it right with how we’ve tackled everything wedding-related, giving ourselves time to make each decision individually, after thinking things through properly. Yes, to some, 22 and a half months seems like a long engagement, but it’s been just right for us and we haven’t felt an ounce of stress throughout the whole thing. We don’t have a lot left to accomplish, and we’re still 9 months away from the big day, so we’re really enjoying it and looking forward to each step.

Wedding Cake Sampling

The cake samples pictured here, Madagascan Vanilla Sponge, Lemon Sponge and Chocolate Truffle, will comprise a tier each on our finished cake and each was as delicious as it looks here. I’ll show you more of our plans for the cake as the months go by, but for now you can be left with the fact that it will have ruffles and a gorgeous wooden cake topper! :)

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