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Body Shop Haul 1

We’ve long been fans of The Body Shop products but, for convenience, we usually head to Boots or Debenhams for our beauty needs and so sometimes neglect this little haven of lovely little treasures. That’s why it’s super useful when there’s a The Body Shop outlet store nearby when you spend a leisurely Sunday shopping for a few bits and pieces and you can head in and buy all those things you want at cheaper prices. We picked up all of the items mentioned here at a discount of at least 35% and that’s an amazing thing in my book, when you know what you’re picking up is of a high quality. Here’s a little look at what we got our hands on.

Body Shop Haul 2

Eau de Toilette set (Amazonian Wild Lily, Indian Night Jasmine, Madagascan Vanilla Flower, Fijian Water Lotus)

These all smell incredible and Hana was super keen to pick them up, either to gift as a set or to give as separate bottles to four lucky recipients. The Fijian Water Lotus was our favourite scent, but they are all a delight and they worked out at less than £5 per bottle when purchased together, so they were also a bit of a steal. Highly recommended fragrances.

Body Shop Haul 3

Seaweed Collection (Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator, Oil-Balancing Clay Mask, Mattifying Moisture Lotion)

I would rather buy all the products from one range to take me through my entire skin cleaning regime rather than mix and match a whole bunch of different branded items. It just makes sense to me if the similar items are all designed for one type of skin and are designed to do the same job and compliment each other. That’s why I decided to pick up this seaweed collection – they are all for combination skin and all contain the same key ingredients. According to the website, this range is designed for combination skin and helps to restore balance and contract excess oil to help give a shine-free, matte finish. These products are so well reviewed online too, so I’m hoping to have similar luck.

Body Shop Haul 4

Organic Cotton Pads & Facial Massager

I adore these organic cotton pads – not only do they feel super soft on my skin, but they also came in a set of three, which essentially meant that I got more than one pack free buy purchasing in bulk. I also love that they are square, which is a little different to others on the market and has two differently textured surfaces for all needs.

I decided to go for the facial massager as I was curious more than anything. After a couple of uses I’m definitely adding it to my nightly routine. It feels great on my face after cleansing and moisturising, and claims to help in the absorption of the good lotions I’m popping onto my skin as part of my regime, which sounds like a great thing. It also doesn’t drag my skin, which is the main things when you’re using something like this on delicate facial tissue.

Body Shop Haul 5

Body Shop Haul 6

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