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Thanksgiving 2014

Photo Credit: Rhian Clarke Photography

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Even if, like us, you’re not formally celebrating Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to give thanks on a day like today, to appreciate the things you have and really think about how lucky you are. Yes, we all have times when we feel like we want more, when we’re not entirely satisfied with our lives and where we’re headed, but we always have plenty to feel thankful for and I know that I for one like to try and take some time out to really think about all those things that make my life enjoyable.

I am incredibly grateful to be able to share my life with my amazing fiance and my best friend. I am also grateful to have the best family in the world and to be able to spend my time with the best kinds of people. The people in my life are what makes everything worthwhile and I am incredibly thankful that I have them. Yes, I am grateful for a job, for our house, and for the other things we work hard for, but it’s the people that make it the most enjoyable at the end of the day.

I am also very grateful for Christmas lights, lattes, Scandal, shortbread cookies, sparklers, sequins and all those other little things that go into making a good life.

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