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Usk - Easter 2

It’s the end of April. Wow. Someone please tell me where all the time went and how we got to the end of month 4 in 2014 already?! April was awesome, I loved so much of it, so I thought it was time to step back and appreciate a little of what is going on with me right now before heading into May and beyond.

Making: first drafts of wedding invitations.
Cooking: using a new Simply Italian cookbook.
Drinking: salted Caramel green tea. It’s a dream.
Reading: the first few pages of Gone Girl – want to finish it before the movie is out.
Wanting: the long weekend to get here fast.
Looking: at all the colour springing up.
Playing: as much music as possible. I’m really loving the radio right now.
Wasting: precious sunny hours working, instead of playing.
Sewing: up a couple of holes in one of my favourite cardigans – how they got there I don’t know.
Wishing: that I could show my other half the wedding dress that I love, as I’m so excited about it and I want to share it with him. It’ll be worth the wait.
Enjoying: spending time with my wonderful family over these past few weeks. It makes my heart smile.
Waiting: for sunny weekends in the garden.
Liking: 24. We’ve just started watching it (about 12 years late) and are thinking it’s going to turn into a favourite.
Wondering: why people get stressed out about wedding planning – I’m loving every second.
Loving: how gorgeous my bridesmaids are going to look now that their outfits are sorted.
Hoping: for a couple of quiet weekends after this one – it’s been all go, but amazing.
Marvelling: at the cuteness that is my 2 year old nephew – he is the absolute dream.
Needing: a couple of Spring wardrobe pieces to freshen things up a bit.
Smelling: freshly cut grass. My favourite.
Wearing: lots of colour.
Following: way too many Instagram users to be able to keep up with. But there’s so much pretty on my feed that I can’t resist continuing to follow more and more.
Noticing: that my hair is growing super-fast since it’s been chopped shorter.
Knowing: how lucky I am to have the family I do.
Thinking: lots of thoughts. Mostly good right now.
Bookmarking: anything fresh and healthy – I’m excited to step up the healthy living this Spring.
Opening: wedding related parcels makes me so happy.
Giggling: constantly at my other half, he is literally the funniest person I know.
Feeling: hopeful.

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