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Taking a Break


Update: We’ve decided to come back in March. We’ve been working on a few things behind the scenes to get ready for our return and look forward to introducing some new features. We’ve updated the look of the site already, including a new layout and new archives, so we can’t wait to bring some more new stuff to you very soon!

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet since the beginning of this year. There is a good reason for this, in that we are trying to find a new look for the site, as well as working on quality content to move forward with our blog. We don’t ever want to put anything half-hearted in front of you, especially when we have a busy year over the coming months, so we just want to make sure everything we do is up to the best standard. We’re hoping to streamline some things, add new features, and generally make this place the best it can be. Please stick around, we look forward to bringing you so many good things.

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