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Stylish Camping Essentials


If you’re having good weather wherever you are, then I hope that you’re getting to enjoy it as much as we are. I’m not going on vacation this year as we’re saving for our wedding and honeymoon next year but we’re managing to get out and about as much as we can on the sunny weekends, getting to see some of the lovely places around where we live. If we were able to go away for a long weekend this Summer then camping would definitely be one of the types of trips I’d love to take, having never done it before. I’ve picked out a few of the things I might choose to take along if I were to take a trip like that, all stylish as well as practical!

Stylish Camping Essentials

1. Butterfly 2 Man Festival Pop Up Tent | 2. Enamel Camping Mug | 3. Exotic Crush Collection Blanket | 4. Lounger | 5. Lightweight Summer Striped Sleeping Bag | 6. Camping Picnic Set with Cool Bag Backpack | 7. Rose Flask And Cup | 8. Pink Fondant Set Of 12 Picnic Cutlery | 9. Small Stainless Steel Tealight Lantern.

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