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Style Saturday: Three Perfect Outfits


Saturday Style - Outfit One

001. Knee-length dress; 002. Short, figure-fit jacket; 003. Suedette Peep Toe Heels; 004. Cream Flower Locket Pendant Necklace; 005. Ivory Colour Block Bag; 006. Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Polish; 007.  Belle Rose Knuckleduster.

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Saturday Style - Outfit Two

001. Baroque Jewelled Stud; 002. Apricot zig zag stitch jumper; 003. Baxter Classic Skinny Jeans; 004. Suedette Peep Toe Heels; 005. Across Body Box Style Bag; 006. Outlaw Feather Lariat Necklace; 007. Nails Inc Matte Trend Nail Polish.

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Saturday Style - Outfit Three

001. Isabella Long Statement Ring; 002. Dolly Leopard Bow Ballet Pump; 003. Buckle Bowler Bag; 004. Beige Skinny Jeans; 005. Heart stripe jumper; 006. Enamel Heart Stud Earring.

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Saturday is a day, for me anyway, to make a little more effort with the way I dress. After a week of work clothes and office surroundings it’s nice to get a little dressed up when the weekend rolls around. Just a small pair of heels or statement jewellery is enough to perk you up just that little bit, so why not make the most of the two days you get to do whatever it is you fancy? So that’s why I’ve chosen to bring you Style Saturday, where I put together an outfit using lots of goodies I’ve found on online stores. If I wasn’t putting all of my money into a house, this would be where it would be going. Enjoy!

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