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Style Saturday: Yellow Fever


The sun is really making its presence known around these UK parts – this week we’ve enjoyed some glorious March weather (obviously I havn’t been able to appreciate it as I’ve been in an office all day). What better way to celebrate the sunshine’s arrival than wearing the sunniest colour there is. Yellow. I love a bit of yellow, a love a lot of yellow, I generally don’t think that yellow is ever a bad thing. I prefer it coupled with a bit of a sun tan, but I can’t get enough of it in any form of clothing, and have had a ton of fun looking around for what’s on offer right now. The stores are currently filling up nicely with some gorgeous summer yellow pieces, so why not take a look over some of the offerings below to get you all inspired for the gorgeous warm and sunny weather that I hope sticks around.

Style Saturday: Yellow Fever

1. Dress; 2. Shoes; 3. Bag; 4. Nail Polish; 5. Blouse; 6. Sunglasses; 7. Cardigan; 8. Skirt; 9. Jeans; 10. Bag. *

*You’ll notice a couple of these items don’t have links right now – the USB stick that the details are saved to has gone walking – I’ll add them asap.

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