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Style Saturday: Springtime Day Trip


Me and my boy are planning on packing up a picnic, going for a drive and spending a day in the sunshine in a couple of hours. I can’t wait. There’s nothing better than a Springtime daytrip, spent with loved ones, when the weather is good and the hours are long. No, it won’t be the warmest of days today and I’m sure it’ll pass too quickly, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy every minute and cherish the time none the less. And this is one of those perfect springtime outfits to spend such a day in. Covered up enough not to feel entirely exposed to the sunshine, but with a hat and sunglasses to protect from the rays, this is just the right mix of comfort and protection.

Style Saturday: A Springtime Day Trip

1. Loose-fitting Jersey Top | 2. Floral Print Skinny Leg Trousers | 3. Rhinestone Surround Ring | 4. Ciate Fairground Collection Nail Polish | 5. Brown Pearl Cuff Sandals | 6. Tassel And Charm Trim Floppy | 7. Lace Print Sunglasses.

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