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Style Saturday: Spring BBQ


If the sun shows its face around at all over the next month then it’s a sure bet that a ton of you will be having at least one BBQ to celebrate the warmer season and the fact that you can eat outdoors without catching a cold. And so what better way to celebrate than to plan a BBQ party dwelling outfit. I’ve gone with three outfits for you here – one with skirt, one with jeans and one with dress, just to mix things up a bit. And each outfit is made up of entirely one store’s pieces, just to make it a little easier to shop for the outfit as a whole, if the feeling takes you that is. So, get dressed up, chill out with good food and good company and embrace the evening festivities!

Spring BBQ 1

1. [Top] 2. [Necklace] 3. [Skirt] 4. [Wedges]

Spring BBQ 2

1. [Dress] 2. [Jacket] 3. [Shoes] 4. [Bracelet]

Spring BBQ 3

1. [Top] 2. [Necklace] 3. [Jeans] 4. [Sandals]

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