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Style Saturday: Christmas Eve and Day


Today, we’re bringing you two Style Saturday inspirations – one for Christmas Eve and one for Christmas Day. Obviously what you decide to wear on both of these occasions will depend entirely on what you’re plans are, but we’ve gone with a dress and high heels look for the day itself and a little more casual, but still sparkly and perfectly appropriate look for the day before. We’ve got family gatherings happening on the two days, so I’m excited to bring out a couple outfits which not only look great, but which are comfortable too, as it’s not much fun to wear something with little give if you’re having a large meal, or shoes which pinch after a couple hours. Plus, everything here, and everything we choose over Christmas is super reasonably priced, with all the gift buying and travelling going on we could all do with cutting things back a bit. Whatever you’re doing in the coming week to celebrate the festive season, have fun!

Style Saturday - Christmas Eve 2013

1. Sequined Top | 2. Grey Aztec Panel Leather-Look Sleeve Waterfall Jacket | 3. ASOS Large Face Boyfriend Watch | 4. Elegant Jewel Short Drop Earrings | 5. Superstretch Trousers | 6. Black and Burgundy Panel Mottled Mini Satchel | 7. Cecilia Toe-cap Ballerina Flats | 8. Seche Autumn Collection Nail Polish.

Style Saturday - Christmas Day 2013

1. Abbey Lace Chiffon Skater Dress | 2. Shine On Tights | 3. ASOS Star Long Pendant Necklace | 4. Dogeared Silver Small Bow Ring | 5. Nails in Bittersweet | 6. Fern Bando | 7.  Silver Look Mini Leaf Earrings | 8. Black Embellished Court Shoes.

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