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Style: Late Summer Afternoon Outfit


Yes, it does make me a little sad now that a lot of stores are slowly starting to stock up on autumn essentials and the colours of new pieces are already starting to fade into greys, blacks and browns. More so, it’s sadder to think that summer is already almost over, and it feels like it’s barely even begun. Not that I don’t love autumn and the lovely things it brings, but it would be nice for the warmer weather and the longer days to hang around for just a few more weeks. Whatever your late summer plans, I hope you’re enjoying wearing different types of outfits, and I’m guessing layering is a big thing for those like us who live with changeable climate. Here’s just a little idea of the kind of an outfit I’d like to be wearing at this time of year – leggings that are not too warm, and a cool top, with maybe a light jacket or cardigan for the cooler evenings.

Style: Late Summer Afternoon

Kimono Bloom V-Neck Cami | Open Cardigan | Limited Edition Stone Tube Necklace | Super-stretch Trousers | Stone Metal Trim Bow Ballet Pumps | Splash of Grenadine Nail Polish

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