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I miss studying. Not going to school or being a teenager, or any of that stuff, just the learning bit. Reading textbooks, learning new things, putting arguments together in assignments were things I loved back in school and, then, in university. I loved sitting down in front of a computer for a couple of hours, coming away feeling like I’d achieved something by typing 1,000 words of an essay about a subject I enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I procrastinated with the best of them, leaving myself a shorter time than I should have to put together my best work, but who doesn’t like to complete tasks on a bit of adrenaline like that?! This want to learn more, to broaden my knowledge after I left education, moved me to sign up to start a new course, to undertake a basic Introduction to Business Studies course, which I started back in May. I thought a course like this would come in useful in the future, when I hope my career will take a turn away from a 9-to-5 office existence to something in which I can use my creativity to make and inspire. A good business sense can get you pretty far in a world hit by economic troubles. So, I’m putting my spare time to good use, to educating myself further and to push myself to achieve more. And I’m doing pretty well, my marks consistently hitting between 75% and 90%, so I’m feeling very motivated to keep going, and maybe even enroll myself on a new course when this one ends October/November time. I hope you lovely people out there are doing something to keep you feeling excited about the new possibilities out there, that you’re helping yourself to achieve great things. It’s all worth it in the end.

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