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Seaside Summer Sunsets


My boy and I are lucky to live pretty near to the sea – we don’t get to appreciate it all that much when we’re working on when the weather is bad, but at the start of the past weekend we decided to take a late evening drive down to the sea front and take a leisurely stroll while it was warm and the sun was going down. It was a gorgeous evening, and it was lovely to really appreciate the light summer nights and the sounds of the water against the rocks. We had a cheeky cone of chips and took some photos before heading home for a glass of wine to start the weekend off right. There won’t be too many more Summer weekends left once August comes around, but I really do hope we make it back there a couple of times before it gets dark and cold once again.

Summer Sunsets 1

Summer Sunsets 2

Summer Sunsets 3

Summer Sunsets 4

Summer Sunsets 5

Summer Sunsets 6

Summer Sunsets 7

Photo Credit: Lucy

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