Christmas / Shopping

Sales Time


There’s very little more representative of the late festive period than the time between Christmas and New Year and the sales that take place at our favourite stores. I haven’t really bothered too much which shopping, choosing to spend time at home instead, but I’ve taken a bit of time to look online at a few of the things on offer and have picked out a few of my favourites.

Sales Picks 2013

1. Knitted Jumper | 2. Laptop Sleeve | 3. Rose Burnout Shell Top | 4. Cambridge Satchel Company Pink Matte Leather 11″ Satchel | 5. Soap & Glory Bright and Bubbly Original Pink Gift Set | 6. Womens Fleece Pyjama Bottoms | 7. Printed Denim Shirt | 8. Folding Table | 9. Embroidered Jewel Top | 10. Cece Pyramid-Studded Ballet Flats | 11. Lace Top Chiffon Dress | 12. Illume Boulangerie Jar.

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