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Room renovation


Renovation 1

Since moving into our first house together just over a year ago, my fiancé and I had found that our spare bedroom had become somewhat of a dumping ground for a lot of our belongings. We had been utilizing the space to some extent, with both of us having desks set-up, but all the extra bits and bobs cluttering up the floor space meant the room felt small and messy. With G starting his next round of exams in the coming weeks, it felt like the perfect opportunity to give the room an overhaul to make it a more relaxing place for him to get work done, but also to double up as a place for people to stay, when needed. The main task at hand was to paint all four walls, which we have just completed, so all that’s now left to do is furnish the room and add any extra pictures or frames to make it more homely. With this in mind, I’ve put together a few pieces that I’ve found online that I’m considering getting to match our chosen colour scheme. I will be sure to post photos when the room is finished.

Renovation 2



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