Recipe: Pesto Linguine


Pesto Linguine

Most often when I get home from work and need to put together an evening meal, I go to the cupboard and the fridge and whip something up dependent on what we have. This could be a quick stir-fry, or a risotto, but most often its a pasta dish, using whatever vegetables and sauce we currently have stocked with the dried pasta we keep for situations like this. A couple weeks ago I bought some fresh linguine, knowing that I was likely to use it pretty quickly as it’s one of my favourite pastas, and this is the dish I’ve cooked up using it. It literally took 5 minutes to make, which was awesome on a busy weekday, and it was also pretty delicious, so definitely worth whipping up.

Approx. 125g of fresh linguine per person
A handful of cherry tomatoes, halved
3 tbsp pesto
1 tbsp single cream
A handful of pine nuts

Start by putting the linguine on to cook, based on the packet instructions.

Meanwhile, put a tiny bit of olive oil into a frying pan and heat the tomatoes, just for a minute or two, until softened.

During the last minute of the pasta cooking, mix together the pesto and single cream in a small bowl.

Drain the pasta once it’s cooked, pour the pesto sauce over the top and mix thoroughly. Add the tomatoes and mix again.

To serve, place the pasta/tomato mix into a pasta dish and sprinkle the pine nuts over the top.

Pesto Linguine 1

Pesto Linguine 2

Pesto Linguine 3

Pesto Linguine 4

Pesto Linguine 5

Pesto Linguine 6

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