Recipe: Marvellous Milkshake


I’m a sucker for milkshakes, or most flavoured milk generally. My memories of visiting  Walt Disney World for the first time when I was 8 are of chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and my love for milk-based drinks has gone from there. Milkshakes are not something I indulge in regularly, being full of calories and all, but I do give myself the treat every once in a while. There is a milkshake stand in one of the shopping centres in the local city centre and walking past there when I’m on a shopping trip can be quite a struggle, let me tell you. So, I’m bringing you a recipe for a chocolate milkshake delight today, containing the humble oreo cookie and some maltesers, enough for a couple of people to share. They are the most super easy thing to make; look around the net and you will find hundreds of different concoctions, but this is just one I found to be a tasty treat, when you feel like a bit of indulgence.

Milkshake 1

What you’ll need

90g oreos

90g maltesers

200ml vanilla ice-cream

300ml whole milk

1/2 tablespoon chocolate sauce

1/2 tablespoon toffee sauce

Milkshake 2

Milkshake 3

1) Put all the ingredients (oreos, maltesers, ice-cream, whole milk and sauces) into a blender.

Milkshake 4

2) Blend all of the ingredients together for approximately one and a half minutes until completely smooth in texture.

Milkshake 5

3) Pour the mixture equally into 4 glasses. Done. Enjoy.

Milkshake 6

photo credit: Lucy

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