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Quiet Together Time


Since things had started steaming forward with the house, it seemed to be the only thing G and I would take about – when this would be done, how much we were spending on that – and it kind of got to a point where we were both a little tired of spending our time together only doing house things. So, we took a little time out a couple of weeks ago to have a proper date night. We ate a lovely Italian meal and went to see the new Spiderman movie – and it was amazing. We tried our hardest not to discuss the house and it was great to just have some quiet time together when we weren’t thinking about colour schemes or budgets. When something as big as getting your first home together happens it’s easier to forget about why you’re doing and get into little arguments about money and essentials, so it felt important to us to spend some real time together as a couple, just like we did before this whole thing started. And hopefully we can keep doing it long after we move in and everything is a little more settled – I’m looking forward to those days!

Meal 1

Meal 2

Meal 1

photo credit: Lucy

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