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Project Life: Year Three [2010]


Project Life: 2010

And so we move onto my third year of Project Life, which highlights 2010 for me, and a few more pretty pages of pictures. It’s great fun to be sharing my album with you guys, as I’m really excited with how it’s turning out so far, and hope to continue it way into the future. I’ve probably looked through it dozens of times already, and have been giving it to family to look at when they’ve visited, so it’s nice that everyone gets a bit of enjoyment at looking back over the years. These pages feature a couple of trips, and are some of my favourites, so take a look for yourself at how I’m doing Project Life.

Project Life: 2010 1

Project Life: 2010 2

Project Life: 2010 3

Project Life: 2010 4

Project Life: 2010 5

Project Life: 2010 6

Project Life: 2010 7

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