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Project Life: Year Four [2011]


Project Life: 2011 1

2011 was the year I bought my DSLR camera, and so I was becoming more comfortable with taking more photographs, and better quality ones at that. I loved getting to grips with a more professional camera and became a little better at documenting more of everyday life. These pages are some of my absolute favourites, in that they include the most gorgeous photos of our trip to Kefalonia in August/September time and then my nephew Cody was born mid-September and the pictures of him are just beautiful, blue eyes and all! I will be starting the journalling portion of the album is just a little while, as I want to think a little more about what I want to write, but it will be lovely to re-live these memories over again, adding in all those things that I remember that weren’t captured digitally. And although I said I would wait until year’s end to fill my 2013 pages, I’m itching to get going on them already, so maybe once I return from my vacation in July, I’ll share some of those pages with you too!

Project Life: 2011 2

Project Life: 2011 3

Project Life: 2011 4

Project Life: 2011 5

Project Life: 2011 6

Project Life: 2011 7

Project Life: 2011 8

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