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Marriage Advice

Since getting engaged I feel like it would’ve been super easy for me to get caught up in all the wedding blogs and books available to brides-to-be, overwhelmed by all the pretty pictures and wedding ideas. And to a degree I’ve allowed that to happen, buying a few wedding books and pinning like there’s no tomorrow, but I’ve tried not to lose site of what this being engaged thing is all about. As well as the lovely wedding, I’m going to be committing myself to one person for the rest of my life – as much I absolutely adore that idea and can’t wait to begin the rest of my life with my boy by my side, it’s a pretty big and scary thought. And so I’ve been looking around at the different advice on offer to couples who have decided to get married and start a life together. I decided to buy “A Practical Wedding” by Meg Keene and have started giving the first few pages a read. One section which I found super interesting was the Questions to Ask Before You Get Married, and I think that me and my boy are going to sit down together and discuss a few of the most important things on the list. Here are just some of the questions she advises that you ask:

  • What holidays will we celebrate and why?
  • How do you want to share finances?
  • What sort of life do you want to build together, and how much would that cost?
  • What sort of careers do you want?
  • Do you want kids?
  • What if one of us changes our mind about kids?
  • What if one of us got a great job across the country?
  • How do we plan to divide up chores and responsibilites?
  • What kind of fighting feels okay to you?
  • Are there any difficult topics that you need to share with me?

There are tons more, but I feel like these ones are some pretty important ones, and would get some really interesting and important conversations started. After all, if you’re not on the same page now, then that’s very likely to still be the case when you walk down the aisle.


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