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Photography Spotlight: JoyHey


Sometimes you come across a shop selling prints, or other art pieces and you just fall in love. The pictures just evoke something that makes you feel warm and happy when you look at the objects within each photograph. Whether it’s the choice of subject or the soft colouring, or some other little element that draws you in, it’s difficult to drag yourself away and you find yourself drinking in every detail. That’s exactly how I felt when I came across JoyHey’s photography after coming across this stunning picture on Pinterest. Each one, whether it’d be a colourful set of macarons or a long-off shot of a ferris wheel is so magical that I can imagine each and every one of them on my walls at home and picking out some favourites was pretty tough. Here was just a few of the ones that I really fell in love with.

JoyHey 1

JoyHey 2

JoyHey 3

JoyHey 4

JoyHey 5

JoyHey 6

JoyHey 7

JoyHey 8

From Top: I See Happiness; Pastel Rain; Happy Macarons; Balloon Mania; Coffee Shop; Little Bicycle; F-U-N; Fleur De L’amour; Beach Wagon.

Also on Flickr.

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