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I’m trying to get more use out of my camera. I love taking photographs and I love my camera, but incorporating this love into everyday life seems a little strange to me. I envy those people who feel confident to take their camera out everywhere, taking snaps of everything they see that interests them; I, unfortunately, seem to be one of those people who feels like people will stare at them if they take their camera out in the middle of the street or in a restaurant to take photos of things such as food or nature. I’m trying my best to get over this silly little issue and have started to take more pictures of those things which normally go uncaptured. I took (or asked my boy to take while I had a cup of tea) a couple over the last couple of days and want to increase the number as I go along. I hope you will follow me as I try to gain a few more photography skills over the coming months and document more of this crazy thing called life, it should be a fun journey.

Photo One

Photo Two

Photo Three

Photo Four

photo credit: Lucy

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