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Personal Father’s Day Gifts


I’m such a big believer in spending a large amount of time picking out gifts for people – I love putting a ton of careful thought into what I buy for people on special occasions, and I really do think it shows, especially if you know the person super well. It can be gifts based around a hobby the person has, or something which you know they need or really want, but haven’t asked for. But my favourite gifts to give are those ones that contain something super personal, like old photos, or bring back old memories which the they would enjoy re-living. So, when Getting Personal gave us the opportunity to pick out some gifts for our own dad, we chose things that we knew he’d love and things we know you guys would enjoy seeing ahead of buying presents for your own special guy ready for June 15th.

Personal Father's Day 1

Personal Father's Day 2

Personal Father's Day 3

My mum and dad love entertaining, especially at Christmas when they enjoy nothing more than spending time with family and friends, so this cheese board is going to be one of those perfect additions to their buffet table. And my dad loves showing people gifts he’s received from his daughters, so this will be front and centre when they’re hosting.

Personal Father's Day 4

Personal Father's Day 5

Personal Father's Day 6

Personal Father's Day 7

I really enjoy reading about important historical events and I know that my dad enjoys  books that contain pictures that he can easily pick up and put down when he has some spare time, so this one, which contains photos from events for every year since a person’s birth is perfect. It starts with a personal message, followed by a newspaper front page from the day the person was born and then follows each year until the present day. I know he’s going to love looking back and remembering all those years in pictures.

Personal Father's Day 8

Personal Father's Day 9

Personal Father's Day 10

We adore photo gifts, depicting a good memory on something that the person will use often, so when we saw this tablet cover and were looking back through old photos, we knew this would be perfect. It’s such a great quality product, and I adore this photo of our family, so I can’t wait to hand this over to our dad and have him use it with his tablet every day.

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