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Perfectionate Etsy Shop: Photo Props


Photo booths have become big business in weddings over the past few years, a fun way to capture guests having fun away from the official photographer, most often when they’ve left and the party is in full swing. They’re a great idea and I’m thinking of doing something similar for our big day – I love all the options available for props and backdrops. There are now a ton of shops that sell props, and the homemade variety are the most unique way to add something a bit different to a trend which is becoming increasingly popular. One I’ve found which particularly caught my eye is Perfectionate, which offers such a gorgeous set of pieces to buy. Here are a few of my favourites, of which I’d love to include a few, if we do end up going down the photo booth route.

Perfectionate Props

1. 12 Ultimate Felt Photo Props | 2. 11 Felt Christmas Photo Props | 3. Avengers Photo Props | 4. Disney Princess Photo Props | 5. Set of 8 Black, Hot Pink and White Props | 6. Felt Pirate Photo Props Set of 6.

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