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I love that Christmas is the time of year when you get to dress up in the most sparkly and gorgeous of ways! There’s nothing better than making an effort around the festive season to get glam and enjoy getting caught up in all the joy. I, myself, have bought myself one of the beautiful dresses shown above (I’ll let you guess which one!), and will be wearing it for so many of the good times to be had around Christmas, starting this weekend with my workplace Christmas party. I am then likely to wear it again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and then maybe even again on New Year’s Eve. It’s great to get such wear out of something you adore, especially with the party season providing so many opportunities to spend time with family and friends. There’s only so many occasions when you can truly get swept away in all the glitter and sparkle, so let December be one of those occasions! Take a look at the selection above, even if just to get a little bit of inspiration for your own Christmas-time outfits, and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.

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