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Pandora & Disney


One brand Lucy fell in love with whilst in Florida:

Disney & Pandora

“I have never really been into the Pandora bracelet trend. Although I thought they were pretty, it seemed like I saw them everywhere in the UK and everyone seemed to have one. However, before we headed over to Florida last month I stumbled upon the Disney collection of Pandora charms and instantly fell head over heels. A few days into our holiday, we headed to the mall and I popped into the Pandora store, wanting to take a look at what was on offer. Well, let’s just say that I didn’t leave empty handed and spent the rest of our holiday picking up my favourite charms from a few different Disney locations. I am so glad I chose to buy the bracelet, and plan to try and pick up charms whenever I manage to head out to the US, knowing that so few UK folks will own the same pieces as me. Plus, it’s lovely to have another lasting reminder of our holiday of a lifetime and the best memories. Here’s a look at my bracelet.”

Disney & Pandora 2

Disney & Pandora 3

Disney & Pandora 4

Disney & Pandora 5

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