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Outdoor Entertaining


In the house me and my boy are moving into in July we have a 50 feet / 15 metre garden. Now, that might not be absolutely huge to those with a ton of outdoor space, but growing up with a garden that was really quite small, this will be wonderful for me. I hope to be able to have some decking, a nice table and chair set and maybe even some plants. Hopefully as we’re moving in mid-Summer we’ll get some nice weather in the weeks following the move, so I hope to be able to do some garden entertaining, maybe even containing some BBQ food and cocktails. So, inspired by this, I took a look around at some of the outdoor entertaining items available to those lucky enough to have some outdoor space to utilise when the sun comes out. See what you think and see if this gets you geared up for spring/summer time!

Outdoor Entertaining

Glasses ; BBQ and accessories ; Plates ; Salad servers ; Leaf bowl ; Picnic chair ; Cutlery.

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