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Our Perfect Bridesmaid Shoes


My sister’s wedding is coming ever closer and we get to tick another thing off the ‘to-do’ list, as we now have the bridesmaid shoes we will be wearing on the big day. And they are just perfect, down to every last detail. The coral at the front of the shoe brings together the elements of coral that my sister wanted through the whole celebration. The hessian fabric at the back perfectly matches the shade of sand on which they will be marrying and also matches the more laid-back beachy style of the affair. And then to add a bit of sparkle and elegance to the occasion we have the jewels and stones at the front of the shoe, attached to a gorgeous bow. Overall, they make for a perfect pair of beach wedding shoes, and I can’t wait to wear them on the day, maybe just changing out of the them when the dancing begins!

Bridesmaid Shoes 1

Bridesmaid Shoes 2

Bridesmaid Shoes 3

Bridesmaid Shoes 4

photo credit: Lucy  |  shoes from: New Look

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