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Our Home: Pumpkin Display


I’ve embraced pumpkins this year. I mean, I haven’t got as far as baking with them yet, maybe that’s next October’s goal, but I’ve fallen for them in a big way. I’ve even got my own home now, so if I want to put a little felt pumpkin on the sideboard in the lounge, then no-one’s going to stop me. And if I fancy buying a couple of large pumpkins and a few mini pumpkins for a display leading up to Halloween, then I go right ahead and do it. So, I did. After spotting a few mini pumpkins through the window of a local florist one Sunday (it was shut at the time, dang it), I decided to side with my American cousins in using these little beauties to decorate the outside of my home in time for the celebration of Halloween night. Rather than let them get horribly soggy outdoors, I decided it best to display them all on my dining table as a bit of a centrepiece for the month. And hey, I think it looks just about perfect. Just right for the middle of October. I’m pretty proud of my pumpkin embracing skills this year. Let’s hope I can do one better next year and whip up a couple batches of pumpkin whoopie pies or something.

Pumpkin Display 1

Pumpkin Display 2

Pumpkin Display 3

Pumpkin Display 4

Pumpkin Display 5

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