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Oh Joy! for The Land of Nod


I don’t have kids and won’t be having them for a few years yet, but I often think about what a kid’s room might look like in our home. It seems that people go a couple different ways when it comes to decorating for a little one – either they go super chic and make a room that’s pretty neutral and can be changed up to a more adult friendly type space; or they go really playful and hit it with a ton of colour and pattern to make a visually stimulating room that’s fun to be in. If I’m honest, I think I’d go with the second option, as I feel like a kid’s rooms should be bright and fun and full of life. I was overwhelmed when I saw the gorgeous range that Joy Cho of Oh Joy created with Target, so I wasn’t at all surprised when I also fell in love with each and every piece she has created for The Land of Nod. The colours and patterns are just adorable and would come together to make such a great space for a little. Here are a few of my favourites.

Oh Joy! for The Land of Nod

1. Ice Cream Pillow / 2. Sundae Best Bedding / 3. Pinwheel Rug / 4. Grey Stripe Plush Pachyderm / 5. Dotted Glow Table Shade & Half Karat Lamp Base / 6. Abstract Wall Art / 7. Pattern Party Bedding / 8. I Love Lamp.

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