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Novelty Christmas Jumpers: New Look


I realise it’s not been long since my last post on jumpers but I couldn’t help doing another one when I spotted these brilliant Christmas jumpers while browsing the New Look website. It was not long ago that any fashion-savvy person would not look twice at an item like this let alone think about wearing one, but in recent years it has become the latest trend to sport the boldest Christmas design you can find, and these ones are no exception. It appears, the fluffier, the better when looking at this collection and even though we’re in October and Halloween is still to come, it’s never too early to prepare your festive wardrobe, so why not get in the spirit!

1. Pale Blue Polka Dot Pudding Christmas Jumper; 2. Grey Penguin Christmas Jumper; 3. Black Jolly Fluffy Christmas Jumper; 4. Cream Sequin Robins Christmas Jumper; 5. Black Reindeer Light Up Christmas Jumper; 6. Cream Light Up Tree Christmas Jumper

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